Getting Started with DirectIQ

Welcome to the DirectIQ API documentation!

DirectIQ API provides REST API for integration with the DirectIQ platform. It can be used to programmatically create, extract, and manage contacts, contact lists, tags, and segments. It is also possible to create and manage email templates and get detailed statistics about your marketing campaigns.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at how to start working with DirectIQ API.

Integrating DirectIQ API into your application is as simple as possible. Setting up your development environment will take a few minutes.

How to get access to the DirectIQ API

Sign up for the DirectIQ platform

Signing up for the DirectIQ platform is quick and easy. Just enter your email and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Alternatively, you can use social login.

Get your API key and API secret

After registration, you will be able to find the API key and API secret. To do this go to Integrations -> API. API key and API secret are the username and password for your application. You will use them to authenticate API requests.

Important! Keep your API key and API secret confidential. Do not share them in publicly accessible areas.

Make your first request

Now you are ready to make your first request to DirectIQ API. We have detailed documentation and code examples to help you get started. This page is a good place to start exploring DirectIQ API.


To ensure the security of your data DirectIQ supports basic authentication. Please, read Authentication before starting to work with our API.

API Reference

API reference provides a detailed description of all API methods, their parameters, as well as examples of requests and responses. You can also test any method in real-time.

End-user documentation

If you want to read our end-user documentation please go to the DirectIQ help center.