DirectIQ API is a REST API that gives you a lot of options for working with your contacts, email templates, and marketing campaigns.

DirectIQ guarantees the security of your data by using basic authentication. Also, all API requests must be made over HTTPS.

API requests

To make a DirectIQ API request, you need to combine the HTTP verb, the request URI, parameters, and headers.

The base URL to the DirectIQ API service is

API responses

DirectIQ API calls return responses bodies in JSON format and HTTP status codes.

Successful responses

For successful responses, DirectIQ API returns HTTP 2XX status codes.

Failed responses

For failed responses, DirectIQ API returns HTTP 4XX status codes if there are some problems with request parameters or with authorization. If something is wrong on the server responses have 5XX status codes.


All API requests have a mandatory header Authentication that is used for authorization and an optional header api-version that indicates the version of the API to be used.

If you do not have a DirectIQ account yet, sign in to DirectIQ now.